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Originally Posted by demontwinz View Post
ok ok ok .. i know. dont' go for looks

I am getting BBS RGR 18" now, squared, 8.5. 19 lb's each. I am currently on 18"s and I like this look.

The tire shop is telling me to get 225/40/18. Should I be worried with 225's on the back? I think I will go Barum by conti to save money or Mich PSS.

Should I find tires that are 235/40/18 squared?

thank you everyone. this section of the forum has very good feedback.
You can easily fit 245/35s on those. The rears are an easy fit and you may want spacers to get the wheels further out if the offset is 30 or higher. The fronts would require a little negative camber and proper offset, about 30-35.