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Originally Posted by EmMHoLLa View Post
That's fair... But is that not a reflection of the particular sales person. Not of the Brand itself or the Parent Company Mercedes Benz.
Absolutely, but at this level there's not really an excuse. People would naturally expect more from a tiny dealer network with hand-picked professional sales people, than they do if they go and buy a Ford.

Originally Posted by EmMHoLLa View Post
At the end of the day Companies are in business to make money. The way the world works there is a lot of new money out there and it isn't made by just entertainers. The beauty of the world today is just about anybody can make it. Especially in America. It tells me a lot about a person if their buying decision is based on who else bought the particular item..
I agree, but if I were in the market for a Rolls-Royce, and the chap at the dealer said "Yes sir, Kanye has one just like it..." I would think he (the sales person) was a massive pillock, and that would bother me more than whether or not Kanye actually did have one just like it... because I don't care about that, yet the sales chap has made the assumption that I would. In my case I would still buy the car, because I would still very much like a Royce, however it would have tarnished the experience somewhat, and like I say, at this level, that's not really acceptable - even though it really is a minor point.