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I tend to agree that this maybe an injector and the only reason i say this is because this past Thursday ( I run completely stock) I was running my car not to hard but when I got home I parked up and in the morning went to my car started it up and instantly knew something was wrong it took 4-5 cranks then i stopped the car did it again and what followed made me have kittens. Massive white smoke cam out of my exhaust followed by really terrible idle. I turned it off went round the back saw petrol dripping from my tail pipe. I swear it was petrol not water because it was just oily petrol smell and staining the floor. I got back in called BMW assist and had them tow it. The dealer thought i was talking crap when I said petrols pouring from the tail pipe and its running really bad. They pulled misfire from 2 cylinders and replaced the injector and found it was stuck wide open. The fact you was cool when this happened says fuel all over it because if it was hot it would ignite under compression. A hydro lock from meth would have effected 2 or more.