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This is happening to me.

A month ago, car overheated, yellow temp light, then red temp light. Pulled over, opened hood, car had puked coolant.

I assumed water pump was fucked. Let it cool down, restarted without the cap off, and... i see the coolant pumping (small hose on expansion tank will piss coolant into tank). Drove home. No issues in a month.

Today...... Yellow light, Red light, Pull over, cool down, remove cap, start car, coolant is flowing, top off with hose and drove home another hour with no issues.

My thoughts.... Both times, the car has puked, the coolant system is boiling or the cap is weak and the coolant blows out under the hood. Both times, like you said, the heater quit working which makes me think either there was air in the heater core or the pump had quit circulating. Both times, a simple off-on cycle has fixed it.

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Looks like E90 water pumps are a hot topic, so I'm hoping someone here might have some answers. Participated in the poll, but would like to know if anyone has had these symptoms prior to replacement/failures.

About a month ago, my wife was driving my 06 N52 330i with 106K and called me to tell me the temp warning came on, quickly followed by the overheat warning. She noticed no warm air was entering the cabin, even at full heat settings. I'm not sure if it went into limp mode, but I assume it did. She was near her destination, so she parked and let the car sit while she was inside.. let's say 30 minutes. Car then ran fine for the 15 min drive home, and then did not happen again until a few weeks ago.

I was driving this time, and noticed not long after I got in the car (on a cold morning) that no heat was entering the cabin. I anticipated a warning light, so I took it easy. Within 5 min, I got the yellow temp immediately followed by red overheat warning. Car entered limp mode and allowed me to reach my destination a few miles away.

Now, being the shadetree mechanic that I am, I decided to pop the hood and check things out, since there were no other warning signs or symptoms of overheating.. There was no sign of engine overheating, and I could even remove the overflow tank cap within just a few minutes. 5 min later we drove the car home and had no issues for another week.

A few days ago, it happened again, but this time I only rec'd the Yellow warning. Drove 10m miles to destination, was inside 10 min, and has ran fine since.

At 106K miles, I know I'm on borrowed time and should probably just pull the trigger and replace it all, but I would like/need to know if is this a pending failure, or perhaps something else? Temp sensor maybe?

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