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Some before pics as the car is currently having its front end resprayed. This is where most of the damage is, mainly the bumper. Fenders are actually clean, but i guess to "blend" the color they need to do the fenders. Bonnet is a tricky one, its got a bird poo stain (i suspect), clay didnt even remove it. Didnt get a pic of it but its there. Apart from the bird poo stain, the bonnet has chips on the front half, not as noticeable as the bumper as it has not been painted since it rolled out the factory. The bumper on the other hand has been sprayed, mid last year.


Tarnished badge and chips around the badge:

The worst:

Honestly, i cannot understand how my OCD has left me with this kind of damage for so long. Im really upset with myself... LOL.

Anyways, i cannot wait for it to be done and back to its glory.

Hoping i can VPS it soon, before damage starts to chip in again... See what i did there!!

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