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OP, We are a Hawk dealer so I can endorse those pads. I use them on my M3 track car and my daily driven E39. The Hawk HPS or the Hawk Performance Ceramic are both good street pads.

Do not get drilled rotors, they will eat through your pads much quicker and are not as strong with a bunch of holes in them Slotted will help if you are taking the car to the track. If not, just get 'blanks' ...If they have Zimmerman rotors, those are pretty good, or brembo blanks are good too. If you can find someone on Amazon that sells cryogenically frozen rotors the will last much longer than others, but the cost is associated with it.

Blank rotors:

Slotted Rotors:

This is the main reason not to get drilled rotors (they become weaker where they are drilled too)

Hope this helps