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Originally Posted by Matski

Absolutely, but at this level there's not really an excuse. People would naturally expect more from a tiny dealer network with hand-picked professional sales people, than they do if they go and buy a Ford.

I agree, but if I were in the market for a Rolls-Royce, and the chap at the dealer said "Yes sir, Kanye has one just like it..." I would think he (the sales person) was a massive pillock, and that would bother me more than whether or not Kanye actually did have one just like it... because I don't care about that, yet the sales chap has made the assumption that I would. In my case I would still buy the car, because I would still very much like a Royce, however it would have tarnished the experience somewhat, and like I say, at this level, that's not really acceptable - even though it really is a minor point.
I am with you. There is a certain level of professionalism to be expected making such a purchase. I totally agree.