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Sorry for your loss.

I think whatever broke it started with the OEM clutch or DMFW letting go. I known I've seen at least one other track-day clutch failure (ultimateracing 335. Another forum, tore the center right out of the disc) and two or more DMFW failures so far among the forums I visit.

1) It happened when you let off the gas. Sudden decel twists the hell out of the clutch and engine with no damping.
2) The clutch pedal went limp. There's no way I can think of a cyl dying would cause this. Only a clutch/slave problem.
3) If a cylinder went you would most likely not hear a sickening explosion. The vast majority of the time it's completely transparent except for a rough running.
4) If you really flooded the engine and smashed a piston at 5k rpm, that would most likely put a rod through the block or oil pan and spew fluid everywhere.

We won't know of course until it's torn down. My 3c.
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