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Originally Posted by sives View Post
Sorry op for jacking your thread.

The comment about starting from a small car like 1.0-1.4 litre car.

Is the best idea he can do. Then he should get a car with a little bit more power like a 2 litre.

Thats what i have done. Paying like 500 pounds for a 2 litre e46.

But Subzero2003, the bit about a car at 150- 200 bhp.

It those not make a difference.

I am saying this as i am getting quote like the OP for a e46 m3 (1800 and 3000 excess).

I have like 6 years of driving and even tho i have had like 3 accidents.

I have learnt a lot from them like the last one where i wrote off the 206 due to some idiot hitting me from the back at a corner of a road, also mud on the road and nearly ending up rolling down a hill. very bad experience. twat just drove off and left me there. I learnt how to control the car when it went sideways luckily missing a wall.

drive like 13000 miles a year, up and down the m1 too.

i have been told that the reason why its high, is similar to what you have said to the OP.

Of having no experience with a rwd high performance car.

But as i have driven a rwd for like 4 years, it should have been cheaper. dont understand the system tho.

Insurers don't care if you have RWD driving experience. They care if you have been in an accident though. You have been involved in 3, which is why your premiums are high and have a huge excess.

I was involved in an accident, not my fault, third party accepted all liability. That puts my premium up by ~300, and you have been in 3!

The reason the quotes you are getting are the same for all cars is because the insurer isn't insuring you. They are charging you 1800 for paperwork and a legal form then in the event of an accident you will be paying for most of the work!

A 3000 excess says you need to buy a lower insurance group car unless of course you have a money tree.