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Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
80db was the decibel level I set for both recordings (approx). New system will go much higher probable up to 100db maybe more. I have not tested the max, but it makes my ears hurt well before the max of the system. With the old system we were at about the max.
Got you on 80dB comparison.
James, you need to play them at moderate to high volume so that the speakers and underseats can break in. They will sound much better once they get their normal flexibility.

Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
Original system was tuned as best I could. New system was flat eq no time alignment or tuning of any description. I was a little disappointed in how the sound in the recording came out, but when in the car it is remarkable. Both were played from the original CD

I am now enjoying my music. My next step is to fiddle with the settings, time alignment etc. my only concern is that it sounds so good I don't want to ruin an already great sound.
If I am honest, you are getting on 60-70% of SQ out of this sound system, if you have not had setup TA and EQ.
After you let your speakers run for sometime, we can meet. I can show you how to tweak your sound system, especially time allignment.
Nothing to mess as you can always go back to original settings.

Originally Posted by sohlman View Post
The new system allows much more of the sound to be heard from the original recording. You hear detail and can hear the fingers on the fret board on a guitar and bass that was invisible before likewise you can almost her the skin stretching on a snare drum, and I can now tell which make and model of guitar is being used just by the tone. Before I could hear a guitar.

You do need to hear for yourself. The bass is very tight and fast, but with no ring. The bass note from the sub has a clear start and finish which is how I used to set up the bass drum when I was doing live sound for my sister back in the day
I guess this forum advocate OEM HU + DSP such as MS-8 / bit one/ Helix P-DSP but after hearing few systems, I can second you. Pioneer HU is so good to give pre-outs to amp and whole sound is way much better than OEM HU + DSP.

I found that BMW OEM HU lacks low and highs which none of DSP can fully reproduce. The other deficiency of OEM HU is thick muddled low end bass, whereas in comparison, pioneer HU gives you clean, deep and thin bass. No matter how loud you go, it stays in control and very clear.

James, how was that wood board (on which amps were mounted) fitted to your car? Did you or your installer used anything to secure that in place?