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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
I don't know, S2000's and the Alfa 4's sound great. My Miata wasn't bad either, and I like the boxer four sound. I just didn't care for the Toyota motor, even with aftermarket exhaust, but I don't think I've heard one with a more open intake. The BRZ sounds good, and I suspect the 4C will too.

I need to see the 4C in person, it could fall into the "too small" category for me. I had a few moments in the Miata that made me wonder how well it would hold up to a Suburban attack, but fortunately never had to test that. My M Coupe got attacked by a few cars, but always did more damage to them than it received, of course it weighed a lot more, just as the BRZ weighs a good bit more than the Alfa.

Man, I'm hard to please, I don't want a car that weighs too much, now I apparently have a weight floor too. Jeesh, I just need to buy a Caterham and take my chances.
Yea same here. These cars are just too small for me to feel safe in daily driving. The smallest car I had was a volvo s40 and I got run off the road a couple times by people not seeing me.