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Originally Posted by sshirazz View Post
I don't understand how you can say I have no driving experience. I've driven a Mercedes SLK for 2 weeks, a e90 320d for a weeks and have driven a e46 325i for a week. I am a confident driver

All I wanted to know is what I originally posted.
Not trying to be harsh in any way, but if you're trying to pass off mere weeks of driving a couple of cars with no more than about 190bhp, this has simply clarified that you really do not have a lot of experience at all.

Originally Posted by Yoro35i View Post
Subzero -OP didn't ask for anyone's recommendation. so keep your opinions to yourself and get back to topic. fair enough if you want to rant about young drivers buying cars and crashing and increasing your premium, it's his life and his money and he has the right to buy what he wants.
Thanks for that Yoro. Your opinion is very important to me - so important that i've filed it away in my "People whose opinions i couldn't care less about" filing cabinet.

Originally Posted by sshirazz View Post
Just to clarify, I am not annoyed with the insurance quote given to me. I think paying that much money for such a car is worth it considering my area, age and no claims. I created this thread to know what will happen in certain circumstances.
The insurance want to make you pay that much, simply because you represent a big risk of bending the car and/or someone elses car/property at the same time.

Originally Posted by sshirazz View Post
You guys are treating me as if I don't know how to drive a car, or i'm going to rip the car on every clear road. When I get the car, i'll be driving in accordance with the law and everyone else. Only I know my capabilities and I know I am a very quick learner so I am sorry if you're not.
This is where that whole "experience" thing comes in i was talking about. You don't think every single one of us has justified getting a fast car by saying something like that? A fast car can get the better of you very easily, and it can lull you into a false sense of security then suddenly bite you. Trust me, most of us have been there. We've all been "fast learners" and promised to our partners we won't drive quickly or that "we know our capabilities" etc etc.

I'm sure you know how to drive a car just fine, but you do not have the experience to handle a 300bhp RWD BMW safely. And let's face it, you aren't buying a 335i to drive slowly around in it. It's very difficult to explain, and it isn't anything to do with your age, much much more to do with your experience levels.

How long have you been driving by the way? I'm presuming you either haven't been driving long or that you've passed your test, had your licence for a while, but then haven't had a car so have almost become deskilled to a point.

Originally Posted by sshirazz View Post
I understand that buying a nissan micra would be the best option for me, but that simply is not going to happen...
Believe it or not, the only alternative to a RWD BMW 335i is not a Nissan Micra. There are plenty of cars out there that have a decent amount of power, and will serve you well for a couple of years, until your insurance falls (which it will do - rapidly as soon as you get some decent experience). You'll be 25, hopefully have 2 or 3 years experience under your belt and 2 or 3 years NCB and the insurance will be much much more reasonable. And more importantly, you will have some experience in how to control a car.

Originally Posted by sshirazz View Post
I haven't got any convictions or points, etc. I just didn't purchase a car due to not having the money.
Good luck with keeping it that way with a 300bhp car. It's difficult even for those of us who should know better.

Originally Posted by sshirazz View Post
You have literally read my mind!

I thought about owning a 320d for roughly a year or so and I actually don't mind doing this. The only thing is, I can't find a reasonable quote for a 320d. The insurance for the 320d and 335i is exactly the same..
I genuinely wouldn't even bother going for a 320d. The 335i is the one you want, and i totally see why you would want one (). Just get a cheap, decent car with a bit of power now, wait a couple of years and pick up your 335i.