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Originally Posted by BoondogUK View Post
I have had to make two claim in all my time of driving, and neither of them were my fault, but I had to pay the excess.

First was crawling along a country lane in winter at about 15mph, touched the brake on a sheet of black ice... experienced driver or not that's 3k gone! (I know someone will say it was my fault, but by the time my car was removed there was 4 other cars in the wall beside my car and they closed the road for a survery and changed the camber of the corner as a result)

Second was a fox running out in front of my car... that would be another 3k gone

That excess is just stupid... I would not even consider an excess larger than 200... end of
Ok, it's time I should come clean lol

2 claims in 18 months.

In Germany in my Evo 9 MR 360, a deer ran through a hedge and hit my car. I was doing 40mph and it was an adult deer at 70kg.
I paid my excess of 200 and they paid out 14,000 to repair the car.

Second, my E90 330d vs our superb summer weather, it got washed away in a flood. I paid my 250 excess and they paid out 13,000 as it was a total loss, I only paid 12,500 for the car but they gave me 13,000 as I got it cheap.

The point is, I am an experienced driver, I've been driving 10 years, I have 8 ypncb and my driving qualifications help, I'm 29 too but I'm still being stung with an 800 premium with a 300 excess because of these fault claims that really I was not at fault for coming off my insurance.

For the OP, Just imagine if you prang the 335i or another car, you won't be driving your car after, the cost would be astronomical!!

You have to also think of the what ifs.....

You are mad going for this car as a first. Cars like this will be around for years, just build some no claims and gain some experience behind the wheel consistently, not in a mates car here and a mates car there, it means nothing.

My list of performance cars does because each has been owned for over a year, Integra DC2, Integra DC5 track car, Caterham Superlight R300, Evo 6 Tommie Mak, Evo 9 MR 360, BMW 330d M Sport, K20 EK9 track monster, 335d M Sport so insurance companies are still good to me despite my claims as they can see I don't claim for driver errors.

Seriously buddy, think about it!

And if you do get your car, you couldn't go far wrong by undertaking some further driving tuition and I don't just mean the odd track day, I mean some Road Craft, insurance companies like that!