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Originally Posted by tekaefixe
So the question remains, is it a valid upgrade or is it just slightly better than the OEM intercooler?

I know its the only cooler for 335d thats bespoke and designed specificaly but....

There are two types or users that do this upgrade. The ones that just want more power and the ones that want the same power but wiht more reliability because the temperatures are lower.

The users that have them instaled please tell us, is it a MUST buy or just buy it if you must.

Again thanks for the atention and explanations but here is very few information and tecnical specs for this interccoler.

In terms of power GAIN, the inprovement appears to be measurable but negligible, from an endurance/heat soak stand point we dont have data but i would bet it is more significant.

The open question is the mpg efficiency gain real, if so this thing could pay for itself!