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Originally Posted by OUGrad05
Ok, this may sound like a dumb question but it's driving me nuts.

On the E90s BMW offered a couple different packages, ie sport, premium etc and obviously the 328i and 335i in the later years.

I'm specifically interested in a 2010 or 2011 E90, likely a 328i. I've noticed the E90's (both 328 and 335) have two different steering wheels, the base wheel, which I do not like and the "sport" wheel, which I thought was part of the sport package. However, looking at numerous 2010's the second wheel seems particularly hard to find. In 2011 however, it seems to be far more prevalent, is there a package or package combo that I'm missing? I'd like to know specifically what package(s) I'm looking for. Sport was a must but that doesn't seem to be consistent either.

Also, it seems 6MT's are particularly hard to find in these cars...
I think you may be referring to the msport package wheel, thick with the perferated leather. The MTs are rare, I stumbled across one literally by accident, wasn't truly ready to buy a car, but caved and snapped it up after realizing that they don't come along that often. If you find one jump on it! O and make sure not to tell the dealer that the MT is a must, they know how rare they are and it killed all my bargaining power. Good luck! You'll know the right one when you see it.