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Originally Posted by LocDawgg View Post

Also what did you use to seal your headlights with? My depos once in awhile gets condensation durring heavy rain.
I just washed my car today and i got some fog inside my headlights. No water tho. I think the back covers are not sealed properly.

Originally Posted by Lolitskasey View Post
Haha yeah she went to another BMW lover. He keeps me updated on mods it looks really good since he has had it. Your leaving the beautiful state of alaska?
Thats good. Glad your cars in good hands. Is it still in Alaska? Unfortunately i am. Ill be going to socal lol and im pretty stoked actually.

Originally Posted by VTECaddict View Post
That's awesome!

Your output will probably be better than those of us with OEM HID.
I could see a lot better with my halogen setup but since i've never seen OEM before i cant tell if mine have a better output.
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