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E92 2006 335i Starting Problem - Click

Hi all,

I have a 2006 335i E92 and I am starting to lose my faith in BMW, i have already had the fuel pumps replaced on this and now I have a starting issue. The car was drove in the morning, started and drove fine, then about 3 hours later I go to start the car again and when I press the start button everything goes off, lights, dash etc and also there is a loud click. Once everything comes back on there is sometimes warning lights about ABS failure and tyre monitor failure. I assume this is just something to do with the electrical fault.

I have been searching alot for this problem, i came accross quite a few people with the same problem but the suggested fixes range from replacing the battery, intelligent battery sensor, battery leads, ecu, tightening bolts in the engine bay etc.

I have had low battery charge warnings in the past if i leave the radio on for a minute without the engine running, so yes i believe i need a new battery. But i still should be able to jump or charge the battery so it tries to start, which does not happen.

I have also tried disconnecting the IBS from the battery with no joy.

I dont really want to get the car towed and also dont want to buy a battery if that does not solve the problem.

I will upload a video tonight of the problem

ANY help is highly appricieated.
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