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Drives: 2007 530i Sport with SMG
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2007 530i with 61,000 miles. Recently replaced valve cover gasket, oil filter housing, and passenger motor mount bolts. I replaced the master cylinder, lines, and all 4 calipers a year ago because some jackass allowed water to get into the brake lines. 3 years before that, I replaced the lower radiator hose and thermostat.

About 6 months ago, I had some preventive maintenance done such as:

SMG transmission fluid change
Engine Oil change (I do this every 5-7K or once a year)
Power Steering Fluid Flush
Radiator Coolant Flush
New Spark Plugs
K&N Air Filter
Rear Differential Fluid Flush

Last week I just got Active AutoWerks to flash my ECU, but I have not been able to drive it much since I my headlights are in California getting Orion V4 angel eyes installed.

I am hoping this car will last me past 200K...I plan to change out all the fluids again at 100K and will probably do the fuel filter soon and maybe the rubber hoses and belts as well.