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nope got mine installed in may. i would say only get them installed now if you are getting a much better price. if you're only going to save $50 or so, I would wait till maybe beginning of april. wait till all chances of heavy snow fall are gone. Hard to get in and out of your drive way when you're lowered and the snow plow has left a 1 foot tall pile of snow in front of your house lol
lol totally agree.. speaking of snow.. the storm just arrived yeah.. i'm only going to be saving $100 for installation & alignment. so i guess it's worth to wait for april.

how's the ride / performance of your car now compared to stock? what's your current ride height for winter?
Yea just wait it out. Best thing I noticed about my car after getting coils installed was that I barely get any body roll now on turns, and just feels planted. But I was lowered a fair bit and had the v2 set up to be more stiff so I had to be careful of bumps on the road. I found myself making a mental note of any and all pot holes in my area lol. For winter I raised up as much as rmp said they could do it and I can fit maybe 1 finger between the top of the tire and the fender.