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Thanks Sparkie,

I have a combi (new 2 years ago). Conservatory will be 5.4m x 3.8m. The installer is me (jack of all......). My plan is to use a 'one zone pack' where you get the pump and blending valve etc. I was wondering how it worked but think I've sussed it. Does the UFH pump only run when the water in the central heating is above a certain temp AND the conservatory room stat is calling for it? I need to contact the boiler manufacturer to check it will work with another pump in the system. I just don't fancy fitting the electric stuff, not that electrics scare me, I was a spark for 10 years from leaving school. I've read that you have to be careful what you place on the floor i.e. thick rugs, bean bags etc are a no no due to thermal blocking with the electric heating?