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Originally Posted by shrink View Post
The c63 is a bit Tail happy for me.. It's nt a car I'd feel relaxed driving. The ride is rock hard and some of the interior on the c class (which is a lower end car than an xf) feels. Bit low rent. The xf is better built in terms of interior spec, and is a much smoother car to be behind the wheel of. It's the one I'd choose for sure. I find the c63 just a tiny bit vulgar.

Bear in mind jaguar will be going aluminium platform on the xf soon, and that's likely to be superb, even with the same engines
Yea I heard the xfr would be aluminium next time. I think we won't see the new model until 2016. I should think by then, 200kg lighter maybe even 250kg or 300kg, it will be superb.

The c63 is a proper rude car and I love it and would love to own one next. Especially that white estate. For now I will enjoy the xfr as it serves more than 1 purpose for me at this time.