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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
So the enjoyment of speccing a new car and having it delivered is not a good enough reason?

Absolutely not.

You are talking about a 520d as you are doing lots of motorway journeys so want the economy? Then makes zero sense to me to buy new.
The depreciation means it may as well be doing 10mpg if you do 30k miles a year.

Have you actually sat down and worked out what a new 320d will cost over 3 years in fuel, servicing, insurance, tax, and depreciation, compared with a year old 530d with all the options on it, or even compared with contract hiring an M5?

I think you might be quite surprised.

In real world driving there is 6mpg between a 520d and 530d, and that is going from a 520d to a 530d GT which is a much bigger car, difference between a 520d and 530d both F10's will be about 4mpg I reckon.

61 plate 530d M-Sport
20k miles|list

19" M Double-spoke style 351M alloy whee
Black panel display. full
Dark Ash-grain wood. high-gloss
Head-up Display
Headlight wash
M rear spoiler
Media package - BMW Professional
Model designation deletion
Sport automatic transmission
Sun protection glass
Xenon headlights

Bet you would get that for 31k

That will cost you around 15k over 3 years if you do 18k miles a year in depreciation, compared with around 20k on a new 520d.

Fuel will be around 9534 at 38mpg on the 530d and 8000 for the 520d at 43mpg.

So do the maths carefully.

I would much rather be in a year old 530d than a brand new 520d.

Buy a year old 520d for 24000 and the 'money saving' side of 4cyl diesel ownership I start to buy, but not a new one!

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