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Originally Posted by Zslap View Post
Hello boys and girls !

I've been lurking on this forum for far to long, so I guess its time that I at least present myself. I just recently got my first bimmer, a 2009 335i with 70k clicks, and so far I love the hell out of it !!
Of course being winter and all, the car looks like a mess, but I cannot wait for summer to start to put the car in shape.
I also have had the unfortunate luck to hit some things on the 440 last week which totally went through my rear tire and created a bit of a mess . Luckily my fender wasn't damaged even though the whole tire turned upside down on its rim hehe. Got that fixed and now I'm rolling on a summer tire since low profile winter tires are somewhat hard to find in Montreal, I did order one however.

Here's the baby, and let me know what you guys think.
welcome to the forum! and wow damn, what happened there, heh. ahh, montreal roads. my friend was driving on the 720 when suddenly, a bowling ball!!!

new wheel was had.