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I purchased my '07 in 2010 for $27K + taxes and I get this question a lot even though I was 24 at the time with a good job.

Read somewhere that the avg price of new cars in America is now about $30K + tax (or not?).

My car had another year of warranty on it and I purchased the extended coverage from BMW for $3,200 or something...

So for comparisons sake.
Fully loaded 2007 BMW 335 coupe for $30K + tax on $27K. Full warranty for 4 years.
Fully loaded 2011 (at the time) Honda Accord V6 or whatever for ~$30K + tax on $30K. Not sure what their warranty is but it will be somewhat similar to my 4 years.

What's the big deal? No one would say anything if I purchased a new accord. It's like leasing vs buying. People have these judgments in their head about what is right and wrong but they've rarely ever actually run the #'s.

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