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Originally Posted by chucktang View Post

So for comparisons sake.
Fully loaded 2007 BMW 335 coupe for $30K + tax on $27K. Full warranty for 4 years.
Fully loaded 2011 (at the time) Honda Accord V6 or whatever for ~$30K + tax on $30K. Not sure what their warranty is but it will be somewhat similar to my 4 years.

What's the big deal?

when i graduated many years ago, i had a choice... brand new civic or used Audi A4. Of course, I chose the Audi. Friends were asking me how i could afford such a vehicle, not knowing that it was the same price or even cheaper than the corollas, civics, and accords they purchased new.

An older euro car gets waaaaay more plus points with the ladies than any new econobox jap car (off topic yes, but i just had to point that out).
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