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Originally Posted by badassfajita
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The hate coming from older people towards younger people who received the car from their parents is pathetic.. As if they would have rejected a similar offer had they been in the same situation... "Hey would you like a BMW?" ... "No thanks I'll take the 1995 civic"

If you worked hard for your car, congratulations. Doesn't give you the right to condescend in such a stupid way.
I disagree--the hate in that situation is not towards the kid who got the car, but the parents who bought them the car. IMHO, no 16-18 year old needs 300hp under their right foot, even if it is used.

Most younger folks don't appreciate what they have--though many who have responded in this thread seem to be genuinely grateful.
Whether it is a 115hp Jetta or a 500hp Lamborghini, an immature/careless driver is an immature/careless driver. The extra horsepower does not give anyone an excuse to blame any party... Some older people are still irresponsible and I would not trust them with any kind of car. You have a point in that the extra hp may be tempting for a young person to use, but it won't matter if the person is responsible. Age is correlated with responsibility, but that does not mean there are no exceptions..