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320si build

Hello e90 post

I am going to make a start on the build process of my bmw 320si.

The car was built for the VLN series in Germany there are 10 races all of which take place at the nurburgring.
Each race is 4 hours long with one of the races being 6 hours long and most cars have 2 drivers some 3, but you can do a 4 hour race by yourself if you think your fit enough.

There are 2 main types of race car that run with over 200 cars in total.
the first type are production cars that have strict rules on what you can and cant do to your car these are called V class cars and are categorised by engine size all are n/a

V1 up to 1600cc
v2 up to 1800cc
V3 up to 2000cc
v4 up to 2500cc
v5 up to 3000cc
v6 up to 3500cc

V class rules are there to make motorsport at the Nurburgring more affordable.

The second type of cars are called SP these include z4gt3 gt4 cars 911 rsr and lots more.

here are some of the regs V class regs

* no more than 5% increase in power from standard figures

* suspension is free but you can not change the mounting point locations

*standard size discs and standard calipers, pads are free

*standard gearbox and diff

*all bushes must be none metallic so no aluminum but poly or delrin is fine

* tyres are free

*no more than 70 liters of fuel

*no air jacks

hope this helps you understand why some things have not been upgraded on my car.

OK time for some pics wish i had taken many many more, any questions please ask.
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