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Originally Posted by RaddN54
Originally Posted by scarface View Post
I really appreciate all the positive comments, but I don't understand why some people want me to crash so badly, my brothers first car was an r32 and he didn't crash once, and my dad is buying me this car because he knows I'm not a dumbass, it's called trust
haha... dude it's inevitable. People aren't hating it's just the truth. We have all been in your shoes and crashed our cars. Your first car just has a little more hp than ours did. You just got done with your learners permit. Once you get your allowance, you should buy your self a JB4 and get it up around 400 HP. The chicks at your high school are gonna Dig ya Bro!
My dad isn't gonna let me get a tune unless its for mpg, and i know a lot of people crash their first car, but I'm not gonna drive an expensive car like its a ricer haha