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N54 or N55?
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Originally Posted by 335dFan View Post
OP, good luck, but as others have said in different words, be careful. Power definitely tends to corrupt. It can get away from you very quickly. But one can also screw up with any car. My first car was one I bought at age 21, but before that I was being a stereotypical teenager in a parents-owned 1959 straight-six automatic Ford station wagon. Definitely not a chick magnet, but you can still kill yourself regardless. I hope you do fine. Probably wouldn't hurt to join BMWCCA and take some of the courses they offer.
definitely the best thing to do is take some professional driving courses/track days. That's the first thing that really got me hooked for tracking days. They really show you how to take corners, brake, accelerate, when to use the power and when not to. Was definitely interesting when a professional driver takes the wheel and you ride shotgun, amazing how much difference there is when you are shown how to drive your car better lol.