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Originally Posted by dootlah
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I know but there's no way I can say how I'm getting this car without sounding cocky, once I bring in the words 'dad bought it for me' people instantly think I'm being cocky and wanna say how in going to crash, but I'll be safe, thanks
Having your dad buy you a car isn't why people are calling you Do you even know what cocky means? Your dad gave you a budget, 30k? Wow. My parents helped me buy my first car too....I settled for a $2k car. They would split whatever the amount was with me...BRB, I'd feel terrible about myself having my parents spend 30k on a first car for me, regardless of how much money they have.
Okay but my parents aren't your parents, you act like my dad is a fucking idiot who is going to put himself in debt over his sons first car, he knows what he can afford and my brothers first car was as much as mine, why would he buy my brother a nice car but not me... He wouldn't, you have no idea what my family has or makes so i dont know why youre saying I should feel terrible