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Ironic that this thread should drum up so much criticism over a 335 owner's age when there's another thread showing just how young most of the board members on here are. Most of you are in your early twenties which means you are so high risk that you can't even rent a car! So maybe dial back the "you're gonna crash" commentary and realize you might crash too.

Originally Posted by scarface View Post
I really appreciate all the positive comments, but I don't understand why some people want me to crash so badly, my brothers first car was an r32 and he didn't crash once, and my dad is buying me this car because he knows I'm not a dumbass, it's called trust
Don't sweat it. I'm new around here too. I bet most of these guys would've creamed their pants if their parents allowed them to get a 335i at 16. I know I would've. That said, you are statistically in a very high risk group (I'd hate to see your insurance policy!) so take it easy and only push your car in controlled environments like at the track with an instructor. Enjoy and welcome!

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Jealous? JEALOUS? Ha its called a joke! But let me give you some insight you little prick, I'm 23yrs old I own 6 cars(not including my wifes) 2 motorcycles a boat and a house. When I turned 16 I had been working for 3 years and I learned to drive on a 1987 porsche 911 I bought and restored with my own resources. By 17 I had bought myself a an 05 vette. By 19 I was done paying it. By 20 I got my first e46 m3. Today by day I have a safe with 9 titles under my name (satisfaction you don't and probably won't get to have by 23) a house and a lot more respect for money then you'll ever have. And I've never to this point ever even mentioned it when you go to sleep tonight remember that 26yr old 911 porsche I got when I got when I was 16 is STILL worth more then your car.

And when you wake up in the morning remember unlike you you can't count my OWNED AND PAID for vehicles with one hand..unlike you. And for the record your car won't be wrapped around a tree within a year because you're 16 driving a fast car, it'll be wrapped around a tree because you're a cocky little prick who thinks is awesome because he owns an entry level luxury vehicle daddy gave him and cant value what it don't cost him.

Enjoy the ULTIMATE driving experience.
Douchiest comment I've read on this board yet. Well done!

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a bit of it is jealousy, but also a bit of it is stats.

I cannot could the number of times younger kids (frick that makes me feel old saying that) have tried to race me on public streets. Now we have all been there, done stupid shit but thankfully they are in beaters, civics, grand ams, cavaliers, sunfires etc.
If you pulled up along side me, I'd probably think the same of you. It's all relative.

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i had two lambos and a tank when i was 16
+1. And I had a FA-18 when I was 11! I bought it and maintained it myself!

NOTE: New here and still kind of lurking around but had to make a comment.

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