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Hey guys i joined this forum when i purchased my 07 335xi a few years ago. First time on here since then.
I am from Edmonton and just wanted some advice on my next bmw purchase from local Albertan's! Not sure if this is the right place for this post so please advise if it isnt.

So i no longer have my 335xi as i sold it. Before that i had a 01 m3. Clearly i miss these cars like crazy and im trying to decide what to buy now.

My budjet is around 40k and under. Requirements are a manal trans, 4 door and a color i can live with.
Right now i drive a 99 volvo which can either be a winter beater or i could sell it if i get a car i can drive all year long in Alberta.

My dream has always been e9x M3. So its either go for one or slowly work my way up to one.
I dont want force myself into a high km M3 just because thats all i can afford and suffer through expensive maintance or potential problems.

So the options i have been thinking about.
1. Keep volvo for winter and get 08-09 m3 used for around 40-50k
2. Get into a 2011 335i. There is a few for sale in 35-40k range that i really like
It seems like i could drive the 335i in the winter from what i hear?
3. Get a 2011 335xi and sell volvo.
4. I took a test drive in a 335d which was actually a very nice ride, and the amazing fuel economy with the high power and handling impressed me enough to consider forgoing the manual if i went that route.

Again what is important to me.
4 doors
Manual unless its the D
Color i like
Something decent on fuel (unless its an M3 for just summer months is ok)

Any feedback you could provide on your experiences with any of these cars would be very helpful!
Again sorry if this is not the right area.