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Originally Posted by superflyguy9 View Post
Website seems informative, there's a good deal on at the moment for remaps. Just wanted to know if their mpg increase claims can be confirmed by any customers on here? doing the math the cost of the remap will be covered easily within 12 months of fuel saving. Too good to be true????
If your looking for fuel savings by having a remap,then yes,you'll see improvements in MPG.

The reality is that once you have the extra oomph,you'll use it,so seeing a return on outlay in 12 mths is unrealistic,unless you drive like Mrs Daisy,if you do,swop the 335D for a Prius

How much are PB looking for?

If it's more than 350.00,ring Simon @E-Maps,it will be cheaper,and give more power than PB are claiming.

Actually,ring Simon anyway,there's not a better mapper out there + Simon comes out to you.

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