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Originally Posted by ram335i View Post
Kerr, that's the exact same one I hit a few weeks ago!!!
Dented OSF wheel and took a chunk out of the tyre. I now have a slight wobble at speed...

I noticed it was only there a few days & was repaired really quickly- didn't get a chance to photograph it due to work and lack of day light in between but got a picture of the wheel.

Car's due for a service & MOT very soon so will hopefully be addressing the problem soon.

Wondering if you could chime in on whether I should get the repair then claim or claim first?

Good to see your positive result though, that road (and the ones around it) are a joke!
Not good.

I hit it on a dark sunday night and it was repaired by the end of the week.

I never repaired it and waited until they settled.

I submitted quotes of the cost of tyre, wheel repair and tracking cost (485) to Scottish water who after viewing the manhole the same day forwarded it to their insurance company Basset and Gallagher.

They were a bit funny and kept going on about wear and tear.

My bargaining point it both wheel and tyre were spotless other than the damage and offered them the chance to view.