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Originally Posted by EononCarDVD View Post
Hi HuyT, glad to hear you like our unit and thanks for your detailed review! You know you have the 2nd hand unit, and D5114 is an old version but still works very well in your ride, cheers!

About the GPS voice issue you have mentioned, I've asked our tech, actually it's easy for you to disable the GPS auto start function, just don't select the "Start wether run nav software automatically" option as the below picture shows is OK. Please have a try!

And if it works, would you like to give your unit a higher score, maybe 9 or 10? Thanks a lot!
Thanks that did resolve my problem.
What lost most of the point to this unit is the fact that I had to rewire the BATT wire and I had to do hours of research to find that out, if you haven't resolved that issue with the latest model of the unit, why not just provide with the package, either a really long wire to extend to the battery, or a Fuse tap blade connector to connect to the fuse slot?

Also, something to mention to whoever is in charge of the interface design, increase the area of each button so that the whole screen can be interactive, in some cases, there are places I tap which I found to be too small, and an area around it which does nothing. This would make using the unit a lot easier as the majority of customers will be using it while driving.

I have absolutely no regrets with my purchase and am very happy with it.
I would like to review how well it works with the V0018 digital tv box but its priced too much for me to ever get it and review it.

Thanks anyways