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Originally Posted by soupey View Post
thanks for taking a look for me!, i like to have the car off sometimes with the music on (like the OEM unit would allow). I'm having a hell of a time looking for an accessory wire to allow it to happen though.

the rest of the info you've given is gold though. I did have a feedback problem with the oem amp harness wiring. i ended up making a new ground for it in the trunk that solved all the engine noise/hissing issues.
The cigarette lighter under the radio on my car turns on when the fob is inserted and the car is turned on (engine not started, quick stab of the start button). So I can confirm that I can listen to the radio with the engine off.

Also, sound is much better with the harness wired up to RCA plugs (line level) instead of speaker level. The noise floor is too high after the speaker level outputs get amplified at the trunk amp resulting in a faint static (can't hear it while driving, only when parked for me). I am going to update the wiring diagram.

Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
So maybe you should include a way to route the low level outputs to whatever amp is at the end of the cable.
Or maybe I am wrong. Please comment.
I retract my statement that speaker level outputs are the way to go. They will work but you will get much cleaner sound using the RCA plugs (low level outputs) as you mentioned.

**Edit** The diagram has been updated.
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