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N54 Extended Warranty

Fellow drivers - I have been doing lots of research related to extending the warranty on my soon-to-be-expired 2009 LCI E90 335i Manual. I've read lots of posts and threads that state opinions, but I'm not interested in someone's risk profile versus mine. I'm interested in what could actually go wrong with my car and if it is work $3k for another 3yrs of warranty (yes, that is the best price I have been quoted for a 7yr/100k GOLD warranty). I am NOT considering the maintenance option.

If you have had any issues with your car between 50k and 100k, what where they? The issues that I know are common are HPFP and Turbos, both now covered until at least 8 years.

I have had my rear LED tail lights replaced due to a known issue, HPFP replace 3 times and now on the recall pump, battery, FRM, spark plugs, some trim, and the radio head unit replaced under bumper-to-bumper.

I'm worried about heated seats/steering, active xenon headlights stopping their movement, all the modules in the car, the steering angle sensor, and the transmission (again, it's a manual).

What else have people had happen to them? What was the cost to repair?

I'm looking for real data, not conjecture. My gut is telling me let the warranty expire and pay out of pocket for repairs I can't make on my own, but not sure how much things could add up and if that is a bad idea. I love the car and will probably keep it another few years if it doesn't become a money pit.

Thanks guys! Hope this can become a reference for others, so links to repair threads would be great, too.