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It's happened once more since my last post. Off/On cycle after sitting for 5min did get me to destination and back, but noticed low coolant level so I topped off with some distilled and drove it another day to work ~15 each way with no issues, although I do have a bit of a whine in the engine compartment. Not sure if that is related to this issue, since it's an electrical pump. It might be tensioner pulley (which has been replaced once already).

Don't need the headache, so it's now parked and I've ordered Tischers WP/Therm kit. $500 shipped w/coolant. Parts will be here Monday, so I will tear into it tomorrow to get a jump.. need this back on the road! Hopefully this will make it go away. Will let you know!

Originally Posted by mike3000fl View Post
This is happening to me.

A month ago, car overheated, yellow temp light, then red temp light. Pulled over, opened hood, car had puked coolant.

I assumed water pump was fucked. Let it cool down, restarted without the cap off, and... i see the coolant pumping (small hose on expansion tank will piss coolant into tank). Drove home. No issues in a month.

Today...... Yellow light, Red light, Pull over, cool down, remove cap, start car, coolant is flowing, top off with hose and drove home another hour with no issues.

My thoughts.... Both times, the car has puked, the coolant system is boiling or the cap is weak and the coolant blows out under the hood. Both times, like you said, the heater quit working which makes me think either there was air in the heater core or the pump had quit circulating. Both times, a simple off-on cycle has fixed it.