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Question after replacement clutch question

guys i just had my clutch replaced at a pretty reputable shop because last month it started slipping and getting really soft, they seem to have done everything by the book including re-surfacing the flywheel to specs and it was replaced with an OEM clutch.

But after receiving the car last night i noticed the pedal was just as soft as when i turned the car into the shop, i asked the mechanic and he said that because of it being a self adjusting clutch it may take some miles to stiffen up some and he said he didn't bleed it because of the fluid being lifetime guaranteed something?

so my question is, is this normal and is what he said correct? or should i be looking at any other issues? i know it feels different because ive been driving my other cars for a few weeks now but i can def tell it is way softer then it was prior to going out.

i have a 6m/t n54 e92 335 btw