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Originally Posted by emre View Post
Will Stage 2+ be released soon ?
I already have downpipe and will be installing FMIC in the next few days.
My AP will hopefully arrive on Wednesday.
We're currently working on Stage2+ and the results are looking good so far.

Originally Posted by melloww22 View Post
Thanks for the link... Looks like stage 1 aggressive and stage 2 aggressive are very similar +/- 1

However the stage 1+ with FMIC yields the most gains, any thoughts on adding the DP with FMIC for a stage 2 aggressive + map...

If so what would the estimated numbers be?
No numbers just yet as we're finalizing the Stage2+ maps, but we'll have more info soon. Also, you're correct, the FMIC is the biggest bang for your buck (similar to the N54).

Originally Posted by Nickz View Post
I assume that the DP throws a CEL, so you said that you clear it, is this done via the Access Port?

Will there be a tune for a FMIC and DP? I only see it for either, not both, correct me if I'm wrong.
The light is turned off when the map is installed. The Stage2+ maps I mentioned above will cover more modifications.