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Bought my 2008 335 two weekends ago, CPO. This past Wednesday on the way to work, I notice the fan came on loud while sitting at the stoplight a mile from my house. After entering the freeway, I got the 'water temp high' warning followed a minute later by the 'water temp too high, stop the engine' warning. I pulled over and called BMW roadside assistance. They dispatched a tow truck. I called my SA and gave him a heads-up and he had a 2013 328 waiting for us when we got to the dealership. He called 6 hours later and said the car was ready. They replaced the water pump, bolts, topped off the coolant and pressure tested the system. No charge since we'd only bought the car ten days prior.

Car has 51000 miles on it, build date of 10/07, bone stock.

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