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Originally Posted by Trevendous03 View Post
About 6 weeks before deciding to post this thread, I successfully coded my 2006 E90 325i halogen for xenon. It took a lot of searching to be able to retrieve the correct files and correct DIYs for successful coding.

In the meantime, I have been helping others within the lighting forums here to code their cars for xenon, either with DEPO xenons (standard and FX-R) or with OEM xenon headlights.

Now's about the time when I condense all my documents into one easy-to-find space. After all, someone had to do it! I reuploaded some of the PDFs, because whoever uploaded them before uploaded them to a FTP server instead of HTTP, which was making them unbearably slow.

BMW Xenon Coding (Condensed)
keep in mind that NFRM and FRM are used interchangibly (they mean the same thing and your car will have one or the other)

1. Order your cable and download the program/application files here:

2. Download Junior's NCS DIY here:
This PDF has important instructions for setting up your applications and for coding a fix/feature. Follow the first part of this regarding setting up the applications and setting up your profile within NCSExpert, but do not advance through the rest of this tutorial once you have your profile created. There are other important steps you need to accomplish before trying to code a fix/feature.

3. Download NCS Changing the VO (Generic) Tutorial here:
This PDF has important instructions for changing your VO. Review this document to familiarize yourself with changing the VO, but do not advance through the tutorial just yet. You already have your profile created by following Junior's NCS DIY, so instead of loading "Expertmoden" every time, just load your created profile. This PDF leaves out some important steps which I will iterate below.

4. Follow my own personal Tutorial on Changing the VO for Xenon here:
This post has important instructions for changing your VO for Xenon specifically. It skips some steps that are outlined better in the generic VO tutorial above, but it also inputs some steps which that particular tutorial missed. Look back and forth between the PDF and this post to learn how to code the VO for xenon. This coding must be done before proceeding to code anything else into your CAS and FRM submodules. If this is not done first, all your coding will be reset when you have to come back and do this (I learned the hard way). If this is not done at all, your headlights will run the risk of having a wiring issue down the road or possibly just randomly shut off. Please understand the importance of doing this first.

5. Go back to Junior's NCS DIY pdf, and finish the latter half of it, which shows you how to properly code a fix/feature. Code all the cool features that you want, like "windows up with key fob" and "corner delete", etc.

6. Now that you know how to code properly, code out all bulb checks within the headlights (low beam, high beam, front signals, parking beams), warm and cold, from your FRM submodule. Also, code out all error messages from the same submodule. KALTUEBERWACHUNG = cold test; WARMUEBERWACHUNG = warm test; FEHLERMELDUNG = error message.

For a list of everything I coded (including all the bulb checks), click here.

For a list of every possible code available, click here.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is stuck with the coding or is getting the runaround or is just frankly getting confused about what all he/she needs to accomplish this coding feat! It's a lot easier than it looks, everyone!

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