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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
looks like a brother owned it before you did.
yea, thats what i figured.. i hope i wont have more of those "surprises"

Originally Posted by MonacoBlueE90 View Post
If you want to change the original lower grills you need to take the bumper off.Those are secured from the back.

You can get new ones directly from BMW. Those parts are not so expensive.

If you want you should be able to order parts 2 and 4 at that picture of that link.

Part numbers
Partially open grid, left 51 11 7 154 551 Price 15.63$
Partially open grid, right 51 11 7 154 552 Price 15.63$
Grid, centre open 51 11 7 154 556 Price 31.26$

Those parts are the European version without that silver plastic and will look like this.Of course without the socket next to my foglight.It's for my engine heater. I'm pretty sure you can order European Bmw parts to USA directly from BMW.

Or if you want the USA version with those silver plastic things it would parts number 3, 5, 7 and 8 on the picture of this link

USA version lower grills
Partially open grid, left 51 11 7 134 081 price 15.63$
Partially open grid, right 51 11 7 134 082 price 15.63$
Grid, centre open 51 11 7 134 074 price 15.63$
+ those plastic things
Finisher, rod, left 51 11 7 134 093 price 11.33$
Finisher, rod, right 51 11 7 134 094 price 11.33$
Finisher, rod, centre 51 11 7 134 096 price 17.46$

As for the kidney grills you should get gloss black.
thanks for the help! i might just end up plastidipping the upper and lower and see how that looks and if i dont like it i will probably end up ordering new ones!

Originally Posted by ryan970 View Post
God those mesh grills are hideous lol. You should check out the marketplace, theres grills for around 60 bucks.
ya, i already checked ebay and the black kidney grills go for around 55 bucks, so thats not really expensive, thanks for the advice !