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Hit a pothole, blew out the sidewall on my front left tire. Non run flat tires. Luckily it happened right by my house so I was able to make it home. Got a flatbed tow truck to my house, tow truck driver couldn't figure out how to get the car hooked up. I mentioned the tow hook in the front of the car but my tow hook is nowhere to be found. (Just bought the car a month ago from Ma n Pop dealer. Previous owner must not have left it in car)

I need either a tow hook to tow the car on Monday or a spare tire that will fit my car so I can get to the tire shop Monday. Any suggestions where I can get either to me by Monday morning? Any place that carries them that'd be open tonight/tomorrow?

I was thinking about trying my wife's Cobalt SS spare tire just to see if it's work but chickened out. Don't wanna mess thigns up worse than they already are. I might just take the rim/tire off and bring it in Monday without the car, but then I'd have to borrow a car to get up there HaHa
Did you look in the tool storage compartment.