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List price vs. real price

Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
Agreed, new cars are for demonstration vehicles, companies who can write it off against profit and get the vat back, contract hire companies, hire firms and morons.

That last bit may be a bit harsh, but you have got to seriously want a strange spec. to be prepared to loose the 35% a new car dives in year one to buy new, seriously loaded to the point money doesn't matter or a bit dumb.

A new car is only a new car for the first second of ownership.

With respect, I can't agree at all. In the age of 640Ds for 4xx, SLKs for 2xx, C63s for 4xx and M3s for 4xx per month with 3-6 month deposits, many used cars have become very expensive by comparison.

Of course there are also some real bargains amongst selected used cars, the BMW M5 and Z4M being 2 examples of a lot of car for the money.

These days, finance is the only way to buy a new car. Look for the following:
- Special offers through brokers and lease companies (main dealers getting rid of excess inventory)
- Low percentage financing (lots of VERY cheap money around these days)
- Manufacturer's discounts
- Dealer contributions
- Pre-registered models (Dealers meeting year-end sales targets)

Follow this with a combination of either low mileage lease agreement plus trade-in, hand back or voluntary termination and its unlikely you'll find a cheaper way to run a car. Even running an older car for cash isn't that economical when you consider the worse consumption and higher tax, extended warranty or repair costs, required maintenance, tyres, often (perversely) higher insurance and higher financing interest.