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This is how I did.

You will find on top of the AC contorl two gaps if you slitghtly push the plastic cover outwards. Insert a screwdriver inside them and press down an pull out at the same time each at a time. It should come out with a bit of force.
What he said.

I have auto A/C, the connecting clips look exactly same as the manual A/C pictured here.

There are two small pivoting points on the lower left and right corner, so if you apply down and pull out force from top as written above it comes out. What it is really holding are the two side clips, but because of bottom pivot points top pulling works better. Try to get your pulling point as deep as possible.

It needs patience though. I did it twice before, it pops out when you almost lost hope.

I use plastic trim remover tool, highly recommended, it doesn't scratch and bends not to break plastic part parts. Avaliable amazon or other online stores.