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Originally Posted by SteveC View Post
'Why would I want to buy a 1 year old 520d for 4K and 473 per month when I can buy a brand new M3 for substantially less?

The point I was making is that if you are careful in your selection, e.g M3, C63, SLK diesel, E-class etc.) buying new is certainly not for morons

I understand what you are saying with your example of a 520d but that somewhat misses the point I was making, which is not to buy a car that's selling well like a 520d, but to pick one with all sorts of dealer and manufacturer incentives, like an M3 (imminent new model, thirsty engine, high tax), or new cabriolets in December (excess dealer or manufacturer stock).
I agree with that, you have to go for the car that is depreciating the least.

But, you are not buying the M3, you're hiring it, to get the silly deals.
Big difference.