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Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
Was it probably meant for a soap gun?
I use that for all my soaps.
From my research and description it was meant for regular two bucket method. I know this might not be the most sud wash since it focus is on slickness and a shine, but it almost felt unsafe. I want to up the ratio of soap to water but im scared it will begin to strip protection.

Originally Posted by Kmf1207 View Post
I've found, for the most part, that when a shampoo tries to do something more than just clean and create lubricity for washing (i.e. add gloss, wash and wax etc) they create far less suds. I bought a Megs wash and wax and had to use 3x more than recommended to get the amount of suds I thought was safe.

Mr. Pink from CG is a great wash either way and I highly recommend it.
Yea I guess, the product description got me a little too excited, The shine after the wash was very nice, but the during washing process had me on edge, very lil suds and almost like I was jus dipping my mitt into water, it was slick though.

Im not sure if I up the dilution that it might begin to strip protection. I might give it one more try with a lil more dilution.

Yea I might have to retire this for Mr. pink which is suppose to be a good maintenance wash with a lot of suds.

Originally Posted by Otruba_843 View Post
Should have gone with either CW&G or Honeydew SF
Honeydew is for foam funs and canons no.
I was thinking either, maxi suds, CW&G or mr pink. They just seem to all do the same basic thing, there description are pretty identical to eachother.
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