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yet another DPF issue which I am looking for a bit of advice on and slightly different circumstances from other posts, so any tips woulds be greatly appreciated...

E90 330d 2007 99k mileage...

A couple of weeks ago someone tried to steal my car by doing the key coding trick, fortunately/unfortunately they failed and instead left my car with a dead battery and my key unable to start the car. So I took it into a indy specialist garage who recharged the battery and they "realigned" the OBC to my key. great, car seems to drive fine...and everything is working. But since the "key realignment" the DPF warning light has started to appear every time after 10min after I start the car.

The garage have told me there are 3 steps I need to take to get rid of this DPF light...

1) Use JLM DPF cleaner for 2/3 tanks £35 per can...if that doesn't work then
2) Forced regen will need to be done £150...if that doesn't work then...
3) replace DPF £don't know!!

I have started step 1, and to me there seems to be no drop in performance...the car still goes as well it used to (have done 200 m'way miles in the last day or so)!

On the back of that, my question would be...

1) Is there a possibility that the "key realignment" was not done properly hence this DPF warning light cropping up. i.e. there is nothing wrong with the filter, but there is a electronic/computer setup issue that has caused the DPF light to appear.