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Originally Posted by reck View Post
I'm surprised there isn't a sticky on it..because the things that go wrong seem to be overall common place (at least on the forums).

1. Fuel Injectors
2. Coils
3. VANOS Solenoids
4. Mechatronics sleeve leaking
5. Oil filter housing leaking
6. Adaptive headlight failure
7. Window regulators/pulley failures
8. Water pump
9. Turbo failures outside of the waste gate related issues
10. Intake valve cleaning (I listed this because if you run into idling issues, the dealer/warranty will in fact cover a walnut blast..your mileage may vary).

Some of these items seem to come up more than once in the life of the car..which IMO is ridiculous. Out of that simple list of 10 items.. I'm betting you will run into a least 3 before you hit 100k. Maybe it's just me, but I've had to deal with a few of them before I was out of warranty.
Thought the VANOS Soleniod was related to the Twin-Scroll Turbo (twin-power) on the 2011+s